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My Senior Loved One Won’t Bath: What to Do?

My Senior Loved One Won’t Bath: What to Do?

Seniors refuse to wash for a variety of reasons, including the development of dementia, safety concerns, and a loss of desire. Bathing is an essential component of personal hygiene, therefore finding a way to assist your senior loved one in overcoming this problem is critical. If your loved one refuses to bathe, you might think about hiring certified nursing assistants to assist you.

Personal hygiene is a sensitive subject, and your loved one may be afraid to tell you that they are having trouble bathing and cleaning their hair. The first step is to discuss it with a loved one. Remember that most individuals want to be clean, so there’s a high possibility your loved one isn’t showering for a reason.

Seniors refuse to bathe because they are afraid of falling or because the shower causes them pain and discomfort. You can install grab bars along the edge of the bathtub and within the shower. Slip-resistant mats can also be placed in the bathtub and on the floor.

Regardless of mental or physical health, many elders still require privacy. Try to be understanding and assist your loved one in keeping covered in the bath by using a towel or gown. The ability to pick between a bath and a shower, or to choose when to bathe, may help your loved one feel like they still have control.

Some seniors require encouragement and personal care services in Virginia to keep up with their hygiene. If your elderly loved one requires assistance with daily duties or encouragement to embrace a healthy lifestyle, contact Live With A Purpose Home Care LLC.

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