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Areas in the Home That Frequently Accumulate Bacteria


Areas in the home can accumulate bacteria as it spreads from person to person and from persons to surfaces. It is important to take note of these areas to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. These bacteria and viruses can make you sick if left uncleaned. As a provider of Personal Care Services in Virginia, our housekeepers can help keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Here are some areas in the home that frequently accumulate bacteria:

  • Kitchen

    Dish sponges, rags, cutting boards, refrigerators, kitchen sinks, and countertops are frequently exposed to moisture, raw food, and others that may contain salmonella, e.colli, etc.

  • Bathroom

    The bathroom provides a perfect place for germ growth due to moisture from a hot shower.

  • Laundry

    Germs can flourish in wet laundry left in the washing machine.

  • Knobs, handles, and switches

    These are objects frequently touched by people.

  • Home offices and living rooms

    Yeast, mold, and bacteria can accumulate on computer keyboards, remote controls, and video game controllers.

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