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Indicative Signs of Caregiver Stress


Caregiving can be stressful because the well-being of your aging loved one is in your hands. Hence, the burnout due to the pressure of the piled stress. But don’t let it pull you down. There is help along the way.

Caregivers sometimes become too focused on their patients and eventually forget to take care of themselves. As they pour too much of their time into their patients’ health and well-being, they fail to detox from stress.

If you feel the following signs, then it is an indication that you are experiencing caregiver stress and you need a break.

  • low to lack of energy
  • feeling overwhelmingly fatigued
  • extreme weight loss or weight gain due to changes in eating habits
  • sleep-deprived
  • a feeling of hopelessness and frustration

There is nothing wrong with taking a break every once in a while. Respite care is offered by home care providers. There are even agencies that will send certified nursing assistants on your behalf to take care of your elderly loved ones while you are on your break.

Life With A Purpose Home Care LLC is a home care agency in Stafford, Virginia. Seek relief from caregiving and get rid of the toxicity that you developed from excessive patient care. Allow yourself to find tranquility and strength to be back on track. We offer the respite care you need. Let us help you through our team of caregivers who will help you take over your duties and supervise your loved ones.

Our agency also offers a wide line of services from pediatric care to home health care and personal care services in Virginia. Learn more about us on our website. For further inquiries and information, give us a call.

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