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High-Sodium Foods Seniors with Hypertension Must Avoid


Are your senior parents, who are already receiving care from certified nursing assistants, diagnosed with hypertension? Or is there someone in your family that is at a high risk of developing hypertension? Then, it is highly recommended for them to cut back on sodium in all of their foods to prevent or reduce their risk of it. Here are some foods that they should avoid then:

  • Processed Meats.
    Salt is the main preservative often used in processed meats, thus making it have higher sodium content.
  • Grocery Store Frozen Meals.
    Like processed meats, frozen meals have high salt and preservative content too. Not only that, they don’t taste all that good when compared to home-cooked meals.
  • “Low-Sodium” Condiments and Salad Dressings.
    Instead of these, try using low-sodium alternatives or herbs and spices to add flavor to your meals. Experts of personal care services in Virginia, such as meal preparation, can suggest what herbs and spices to use as an alternative.
  • Pickled Vegetables.
    The brine, which pickles the vegetables, is a mixture of salt and water, which then gets absorbed into the vegetables, making it high in sodium content.
  • Salted Snacks.
    It’s a given to avoid salty snacks, just from the name itself.

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