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Benefits of Companionship for the Elderly


The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle said that man is by nature a social animal. Human lives depend on other humans, thus, cannot live alone as there are natural basic needs that need to be satisfied to survive and thrive. In that context, companionship is incredibly important no matter what stage in life. Even more so for those prone to isolation, specifically the seniors and other vulnerable individuals who need personal care services in Virginia.

For some, solitude or being alone can be relaxing and meditative which makes social isolation not necessarily bad. It can be true for seniors too, but when solitude becomes unwanted and unhealthy, this can be alarming already. As a home care agency in Stafford, Virginia, we have companion care services to address social isolation issues. We understand how loneliness and social isolation in older adults are becoming a serious public health concern which is why our services offer these benefits.

  • Since social isolation is associated with an increased risk of dementia and other serious medical conditions, our certified nursing assistants provide brain-booster activities and encourage seniors to engage in relaxing and productive activities for promoting better cognitive health.
  • Aside from companionship, our care companion here in Live With A Purpose Home Care LLC provides the necessary assistance with day-to-day activities, like mobility assistance, help in personal tasks, and assists in lighthouse chores for a safe and comfortable experience of aging in place.
  • While the family is away or unable to be there for an aging loved one, our caregivers are always available to keep them with company and conversation wherever they wish to go, like doctor’s visits, appointments, or leisure activities.

Anyone should never feel alone, especially our elderly loved ones. Contact us for companion care!

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